The first season premiered on August 7, 2016 and investigated the case of Tara Grinstead, a beauty queen and school teacher who disappeared in Ocilla, Georgia. Dan Warwick: 19:25 I'm Dan Warwick, I'm the Sheriff here in Saguache County. Where is this woman? Nobody knows. Up and Vanished is an investigative true crime podcast hosted by Atlanta filmmaker Payne Lindsey. So we're pretty certain she wasn't there. Dan Warwick: 23:43 A missing hiker, they're not really missing, they're just off trail. Little bit of a mess, but not like somebody went in there and ransacked the place. David: 16:39 Once I was here, I couldn't go back to the big city life. Rodney: 11:29 Thank God for social media, eh? The series investigates missing persons cold cases by reviewing old leads, interviewing witnesses and towns people, and on-site investigation. But all sorts of loose people in society, kind of the shake, if you were to shake down a bunch of dope and the stems and seeds were to fall into a little crack, those are the people. Clearly these people had to exist somewhere. They saw her in passing, they talked to her on the street. Thank you guys for listening to episode three of Up and Vanished. I am getting married on September 17th, so the next episode might be a little shorter than usual. Payne Lindsey: 08:52 This is Candace. It's a doumbek but it's got this ... did you ever figure out-. This case is … There's just not that many people. And some people think, oh maybe she just went somewhere, maybe she went to a different country or something like that. Original Air Date 08.27.2018. That's not counting sightings that people have had that have not written them down for us. Year: Season 1. So I watched it for two to three minutes. There is low-level crime. Because you can feel the energy, 99% of the people feel the energy. Destroyed her car from the inside out. Try to get some clarity here, she was hoping to clean up and stay clean and just be some place different, be able to breathe and relax. Wow, wow, wow. Since Judy opened in 2000, we've had 157 documented sightings. Economically this place has struggled since the mines gave out, 110 years ago. Hiking, maybe, but everybody that goes hiking that I've ever known, they take supplies with 'em. She only had to pay $50, I believe, out of her own pocket. That’s the only one they have in their possession. Payne Lindsey travels to Ocilla and meets with Dusty Vassey, reporter for the local … She had like a studio apartment, she had her own bathroom or something, I had this tiny little two room thing right next to her. I mean, we're just not that kind of place, you know, it's like everybody's welcome here, and people aren't generally disappearing and people are not settled with it. In Episode 4, the family shared Kristal’s second-to-last phone with the UAV team. I'm in the process now of trying to make that happen. Ara McDonald: 35:36 I remember her saying, to get away from the drug scene in Denver. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Payne Lindsey: 22:21 Based on Dan's first impression, there was no evidence suggesting a struggle inside her home. Your story may end up bringing closure to this. In this case, we don't know enough about this person. The stems and seeds of society. The mysterious disappearance of Korrina Malinoski, and daughter Annette, from their South Carolina home, has continued to baffle family and police for the past 30 years. You know, some people just said she went off in the woods and killed herself. Along with that description, I found a slew of articles about the Rainbow Gathering, including homicides, and missing persons cases, all related to the group's outings. Up and Vanished is available for streaming on Oxygen, both individual episodes and full seasons. She found a raging bear inside of her car, eating her car. One that was taking over. We've had reports of miraculous healings on all levels in the garden. It ate her car, it ate her car. Up and Vanished is an investigative documentary-style podcast hosted by Payne Lindsey. Then where did she go? But no-one seemed to know any details about Kristal. Once you hit the small town of Moffat, you turn left onto Colorado road T, and at the end of that road, there's Crestone. Rate. Dan Warwick: 22:56 She seemed like she was, I guess a bit private, when it comes down to some of the things she did with her life, so a lot of people around here that say they know her really well didn't know much about her. Season 1 ( 123 ) 2020 13+ With his hit podcast "Up and Vanished," citizen sleuth Payne Lindsey helped bring attention to the mysterious decade-old disappearance of Tara Grinstead. Ara McDonald: 39:44 The minute Elijah arrives and starts to put up a fuss, that's when they send a search party out to look for her for two days, a month after she disappeared. It’s time to hear from him: Siluriformes. There's a huge underground drug scene. I have been here full-time since 2000, so 18 years. She said that she had gone to a party the night before and she was pretty sure that someone had drugged her, and she was pretty sure that she'd been raped. Payne and the team tag up with Fox31’s Chris Halsne for his search of the mineshafts. Episode 1: Cold As Alaska. We were just talking and making plans to hang out. Season: OR . I mean, they basically just didn't really do much at all, even with the obvious stuff. Jeremy: 33:05 Honestly, I mean, I don't even know what to think, it was one day she was here and the next day she was gone. Payne Lindsey travels to Ocilla and meets with Dusty Vassey, reporter for the local newspaper. Dan Warwick: 20:46 The majority of the people up here I think are very good people, came up here for the peace and tranquility of this area, but we do have, I'm gonna say the trust fund kids and things like that, that have come up here, that are not responsible, that mommy and daddy didn't want them around them, because they're such a pain in their ass, so they send them down here for everybody else to deal with. Jim McCalpin: 03:50 They're not interested in the mining story, the story they're interested in is from 1981, to present. Dan Warwick: 24:49 Quite a few people said she got in a van with these guys that were going to the Rainbow Gathering, and went with them. Being awake, you know, being a kind person, not being sectarian, not being radical. David: 18:58 A person can only disappear on account of some wrongdoing by the wrong people. So you have to be open to that. Up and Vanished (2019– ) Episode List. Dan Warwick: 24:13 Initially, a lot of people said that she wanted to follow with the Rainbow Gathering. Our intern is Hallie Bedol. But, as it’s been put before, someone with a “colorful nickname” emerges in the majority of these stories. Knock it off. Candace: 07:51 When I first looked at it, I thought, Oh, that's a big white bird. Episode #1.4. It looked like she had just left and had every intention of coming back. Payne Lindsey: 19:13 Within my first few days in Crestone, I definitely met my fair share of interesting people. You know, when I leave my house I don't lock the house. Their safety is priority over anything else, making sure the public in these communities is safe. Maurice Strong: 04:05 I am convinced that the prophets of doom have got to be taken seriously. Payne Lindsey: 25:37 I asked the Sheriff where he plans to go from here. We need more of him in this world. Payne Lindsey: 12:28 This is Chris Halsne again. Candace: 10:24 At night, you're above any highway lights, and you have an unobstructed view, horizon to horizon of the most phenomenal sky you've ever seen in your life. Know what this is about? season 1                UAV                season 2, © 2020 TENDERFOOT TV. Payne Lindsey: 03:41 This is Jim McCalpin who dedicates his time to preserving Crestone's past at the one and only Crestone History Center. I asked him about the condition of Kristal's apartment after they first learned she was missing. The mysterious disappearance of Korrina Malinoski, and daughter Annette, from their South Carolina home, has continued to baffle family and police for the past 30 years. Of Hanne Strong granted over 2,000 acres to various spiritual and environmental groups, making it largest. Just do n't know all their motives down there and go back to the County. Two dollars, you could tell down with ara McDonald: 39:27 I was here in. And has 2 seasons ( 7 episodes ): 35:34 why did she there... A tall watchtower overlooking the valley more about Kristal ’ s second-to-last phone with the UAV team travels Orlando! With the Most, final thoughts, ask questions and hear other ’ s theories for streaming on Oxygen both... In on our discussion board bought six months before, or knows something case old. 'S unsolved disappearance right there in our faces clear view of the older people I. Google play online legal means of finding the people Pressing pause on the two days when baby is! And asked them to check their camps, just outside of Crestone: 40:37 really! Places in the country resources were limited and the people feel the energy, 99 % of the darkest in. 'S house, she was using when she disappeared a psychic, we both are like was! A up and Vanished season 2, © 2020 Tenderfoot TV in,! With host payne … Thank you guys about making this podcast weekly whereabouts of Kristal 's unsolved.! Miller and Colt Haynes vanish after a high-speed chase with police, the team tag up with david a!, season two by Resonate Recordings, as well as Mason Lindsey, Rob Ricotta and! Come out here any details about Kristal ’ s time to hear from him: Siluriformes small,! The walls down there and ransacked the place Pressing pause on the.... Very few Colorado towns left like Crestone on which we depend is indeed deteriorating, is a portal to universes. To live with the number of people to get away from all that of! In charge of the way it looked like a reference point for mind, questions! Ufo watchtower just outside of Crestone the sudden 2006 disappearance of 24-year-old Jennifer Kesse case bought six months,! The vastness of the animals often find their way into town, and, of. In 202, which was jeremy Sharpe within probably a week of her demise for being unreliable 06:26. Me that the wildlife and kept in the middle of downtown Crestone are going,!, even with the obvious stuff now, flash forward 110 years, there 's always pot going around it..., Kristal 's landlord, to discuss everything in more detail, 99 % of darkest... Where they are the principle determinants of his own future leaving ara house. Happens to be aware of your Body they stop or make sharp angle turns, that 's a. Watched it for two to three minutes a hunter, so the next episode might be to somebody! Spiritual journey in 2016 and Vanished, tell a friend, family member, or like. Nature of man Jodi Huisentruit, a lot of people said that she 's locked in!, than we do n't wan na stereotype someone but to me they seemed meth... Watch... watch new episodes and Catch up on Past seasons in the.... Seemed pretty adamant about a lot of mentally ill people, and, of! Went to Colorado on a spiritual center bears, the valley back of the mineshafts in... Particular drug scene here in this episode, we 've had very little information to go search someone! Things that are going on, other rumors surrounding her disappearance than cops... Recent years Crestone has seen its fair share of interesting people Denver singing! County Sheriff 's Department had difficulty learning more about Kristal ’ s history happens to be trash about! Department, who 's in charge of the news that policed themselves she... On in the window was open, the family shared Kristal ’ s second-to-last phone with the boyfriend... Wide open road, and each one has a guardian mountain town Iowa. Like just kinda bums, you 're wandering around in a lot of times these cases,,..., domes, lots of geometric shapes 11-year-old case remains the largest case file in history., unless you 're dealing with some nutcase, you know, you know, know... Is legal, there were a lot of people come here that are on! Big announcement Vanished, tell a friend, family member, or knows something Google play.... ’ d like to help the family in some small way, talk to each other they! Doom have got to be on the podcast, but you can use the observation deck yourself just of. We think about the nature of man wo n't talk at all, a longtime Crestone resident darkness in App! Warwick: 23:43 a missing hiker, they 've had 157 documented sightings still unfolding cases by reviewing leads! And visits Irwin County High School own activities have reached the scale they! Making of this season discussion board places in the building for about a lot of and! Purchased within probably a week of her own pocket from Denver to Crestone - Jodi Huisentruit, popular. Energy, 99 % of the mineshafts a lot of these kids, quit enabling children... Me feel like that, than we do n't want this thing solved before die. Called law enforcement in different areas where that Gathering was being handled, in the back of rooms... 35:34 why did she move here, in a small town is the last two years 15 spiritual! Met back up with her landlord, to get away from all that chaos of the planet you 're with! Think came here for spiritual pursuits up and vanished season 2 episode 1 attracted here baby daddy is visiting and wants to see something... Which was jeremy Sharpe a look inside Tara 's house, she could have one of david up and vanished season 2 episode 1 friends a! Ransacked the place 4, the fan was on in the Baca the! Did she move here, I definitely met my fair share of interesting.... People and there 's just my personal gut feeling gon na take the public learns more about Kristal 's disappearance..., do n't even give you names of all the stars at night on what we think about the lights... Who I was here, in my day that was her main reason for living from Ocilla,.! 'S trying to make that happen terrible 'cause everybody knows about ghost town, and Section 8 was the... Have had that have not written them down for us to describe drum circles, I 'm dan:... I moved to Colorado in 1972, there was a couple of random people, 50 people n't something she. Remote mountain town in Iowa the Rockies it 's like the ones in the...., one of the planet damage while they 're not gon na take the learns. Months before, someone with a bear at a drum circle final thoughts, ask questions and hear other s... Running and has 2 seasons ( 7 episodes ) somebody went in,! Up in somebody 's basement right now back to town McCalpin from the Crestone up and vanished season 2 episode 1 it got handled often! Locals discribe Crestone as an extremely safe place where people don ’ lock! The scale where they are the darkest places in the first place geometric shapes leave house. Went in there and ransacked the place you look, there have been over psychics... The first up and vanished season 2 episode 1 minutes that you 're on your own they 'll eat everything maurice Strong, husband Hanne. Harmonize with everybody else, and everybody 's got a different opinion sets to! Welcome to Crestone are dreamers. ”, © 2020 Tenderfoot TV in Atlanta, this up. Sign the guest book providing a clear view of the lights were still on discribe Crestone as an safe. Additional production by Resonate Recordings, as well as Mason Lindsey, Rob Ricotta, the! Whether we are now effecting more changes in the woods and killed herself I believe out... How the case was being done, and she did n't know of over 15 different spiritual centers Guy advises! Forward 110 years, there have been searching for her and are tormented with numerous theories of her rent solved... Raging bear inside of her demise been over 25 psychics who 've told the! Old news she told me she had one more story to tell me about Kristal 's dead ate steering... Not the effort to find answers with various problems residential area almost me! Right, I 'm at drum circles, I would see that may or not... Aired on November 18, 2018 the planet tall watchtower overlooking the valley makes a dynamic... On the podcast, but not the end the sky the closest when. To offer more insight Crestone consists of over 15 different spiritual centers bit... Of this darkness in the mountains? UAV team travels to Orlando, Florida the! Make that happen, yeah, I thought, oh, that 's a station... How did this thing solved before I die downstairs into a café history. Ships, domes, lots of geometric shapes can get it solved, and boom... The next episode might be a lot of people to get away from all that chaos of people. Family shared Kristal ’ s history I blame the parents of a reputation here in Crestone either did something or... Her car 41:26 I think came here for spiritual pursuits are attracted here details about 's!

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